Portland Quality Roofing Inc specializes in residential roof replacements. Our Roofers have extensive experience on all phases of re-roofing and have worked with a variety of shingle brands, meeting or exceeding manufacturers’ standards and installation requirements.

Here are the 3 primary steps the roof replacement process:


Tear Off

We always recommend a full tear off of existing roofing materials to make sure that the roof deck is in good condition and replace any plywood if necessary.


Water Proofing

A good quality synthetic underlayment will protect your house from water, snow and ice. Underlayment is essential for a quality roofing system.


Shingle Installation

There are many shingle options, colors and patterns to choose from. They will protect your house from the elements and will add cosmetic appeal.

A more comprehensive list of steps would include the following:

  • Prep work. Before the tear off starts there might be some required prep work: protecting landscaping, installing safety boards if the roof is steep and moving yard furniture and pots are examples of prep work.
  • Tear off. The first step of replacing a roof is the tear-off, this is removing all the old roofing material down to the roof deck.
  • Inspect roof deck. After tearing off the old shingles the roof deck needs to be inspected to make sure there is no mold, and that the plywood is in good shape in order to install the new shingles.
  • Install underlayment. Once it’s confirmed that the roof deck is in good shape, roof underlayment needs to be installed. It is recommended to install ice and water shield on valleys and roof penetrations.
  • Install roof flashings and shingles. After the underlayment is in place, the shingles are installed, first the starter shingles, then regular shingles and at the end the hip and ridge cap shingles. In this step roof flashings are also installed as well as venting components.
  • Clean up. This step should be done right after the tear off but after roof installation the roofing crew should do a final clean up, using a magnetic roller to make sure that no nails or staples are left behind. The goal at Portland Quality Roofing is to leave your house as clean as it was before we started the roofing job.

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