Attic & Roof Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation can lower the cost of cooling your home by 60 percent, it will also prolong the life of roofing materials and prevent premature deterioration of attic insulation materials.

A good portion of American homes were not designed and constructed with proper ventilation in mind. Fortunately, installing powered ventilators, louvers, ridge vents, etc. is relatively simple and affordable. The ideal time to install new ventilating units is during your new roof installation.

When hot air rises to your home attic, it will remain trapped there unless you have a good attic ventilation system. That heat will radiate warmth downward along the ceiling and walls. This increases the temperature of the living areas and adds to the burden of your air-conditioning system. Super-heated attic air will eventually damage rafter boards, sheathing, insulation and cause shingles to cup and buckle.

Many newer homes were build with better insulation, weather-stripping, doors, etc designed to save energy. However, this makes them more susceptible to condensation problems than older homes that haven’t been retrofitted, especially during the winter when doors and windows are opened less frequently. Because of this, homeowners cannot afford not to have a good and well-balanced roof ventilation system.

A balanced ventilation system requires proper intake and exhaust vents.

Exhaust Ventilation Options

Ridge Vent

A ridge vent is very effective because it is installed at the peak of a roof’s ridge, allowing for warm air to escape from the attic.

Roof Louvers

They are designed to work with open attics and are more economical than ridge vents. Available in plastic and metal, we recommend metal.

Intake Ventilation Options

Soffit Vent

A soffit vent is installed into the underside of your home’s soffit. It permits fresh outside air to be drawn up into the attic.

Edge Vent

This is a shingle-over, edge-of-roof installed intake vent. It provides continuous intake airflow at the roof’s edge.

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