Sustainable Roofing

More and more people want to do their part in helping the environment. We all want to ensure its protection for future generations.
Portland Quality Roofing is committed to using only construction practices and methods that have minimal environmental impact, we also inform our clients about the best roofing materials from a sustainability standpoint, and when possible, help them improve the overall roofing system
as it relates to attic ventilation and better use of daylight. By doing this, our clients reduce their carbon footprint while getting the financial benefits of higher energy efficiency.

Choose the right roofing material

We help our clients choose the right roofing material from a sustainability standpoint:


Top-quality and durable

Choosing highly durable and performance-driven shingles that do well with different weather conditions and have a long service life will help you save energy and resources.


Reflective Granules

Roofing shingles with reflective granules can reflect solar UV rays enabling the colors of the shingles to be seen by the eye while still allowing the roof to stay cool.



At the end of their useful life, asphalt shingles can avoid landfills and be recycled in most major metro areas.
The shingles are ground up and used widely in paving applications.

Improve roofing system

We offer improvements to the entire roofing system in order to reduce energy consumption:

Improved ventilation

Proper attic ventilation can lower the cost of cooling your home by 60 percent, it will also prolong the life of roofing materials and prevent premature deterioration of attic insulation materials. To learn more, see our Attic & Roof Ventilation page.

Better use of daylight

Using natural sunlight to illuminate interior areas of your house will minimize electrical lighting during the daytime hours. This can be accomplished by adding skylights or light tubes. See our Skylight Installation page.

When looking for a sustainable roofing system for your home, Portland Quality Roofing has your needs covered. Our experts can answer your questions and help you decide on the best roofing system for your home and your budget.
Contact us today to learn how we can help you save money and the environment with a sustainable roof.

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